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Outdoor activity

Extra curriculum activity

The Student Activities Development Section (SAD) of National Pingtung University is mainly composed of a group of energetic and enthusiastic faculty members. They adhere to serving all the students in the school in a cordial and proactive manner. For a long time, the SAD has been regarded as the second home in Pingtung of all the students. SAD office could be a common room, an information exchange station, an energy supply station, or a psychological consultation space. In their spare time, students could come to the SAD to do whatever they want. In addition to sharing snacks and moods, you can also exchange experience in community activities with each other.

The primary mission handled by the SAD is the club activities most closely related to the wonderful life of college students, such as the performances of orientation and sending old activities, as well as social service activities in winter and summer vacations and other wonderful clubs activities are the brainchild of us and our community partners. The SAD often co-organizes large-scale events such as concerts, garden parties, school-wide singing competitions, and ball competitions with the student union and clubs. Therefore, the application for subsidies for club activities funds, and social service activities during winter and summer vacations include: college clubs drive primary and secondary schools Community development, winter and summer clothing community service teams, etc. are all within the scope of the SAD's services.

We provide various scholarship information and application related services inside and outside the school, to reward and assist students to study with peace of mind, including: scholarships for aboriginal students, scholarships for outstanding achievements in off-campus competitions and other on-campus and off-campus scholarships, various scholarship applications. Relevant information will be announced on the SAD website at any time for students to browse the Internet for inquiries. If you have any questions, you can contact the SAD.

We hope that students will establish five literacies of positive responsibility, self-learning, teamworking, logical thinking and professional integration in each activity and through interactive learning with partners. It is hoped that through club activities, students will cultivate their leadership ability, tolerance of setbacks, and establish good interpersonal relationships. In the future, you can cultivate majors with interest and create future working competitiveness.

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