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Map & Transportation

NPTU is divided into Minsheng Campus, Pingshih Campus and Pingshang Campus, which both are located in Pingtung City.

Transportation is convenient. The distant to Pingtung station is about 3 kilometers.

* By train: Get off the train at Pingtung station, and then take a taxi (or Pingtung bus) to NPTU (about 10 minutes). Taiwan railway website: http: http://www.railway.gov.tw/tw/index.aspx

* By car:

* From Kaohsiung via the Gaoping Bridege, enter Pingtung City, go along Zi‐Yo Road and then take Min‐Sheng Road directly to school.

* From the No.3 Freeway, exit at the Lin‐Lou Interchange, take the No.1 Provincial Highway and then Min‐Sheng Road directly to school.

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