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Outdoor activity

Extra curriculum activity

The Student Activity Development (SAD) section of National Pingtung University (NPTU) comprises energetic and enthusiastic faculty and staff members committed to serving all students in NPTU cordially and proactively. For a long time, the section has been regarded as a second home in Pingtung for all students, and they come to the section whenever they have something to do, even under heavy workloads. The section can be a lounge, an information exchange station, or a counselling room. Besides, everyone comes here to share snacks and moods and exchange club activity experiences.


The section mainly handles club activities that are most closely related to the exciting life of university students, such as welcome activities and farewell parties, winter and summer vacation social service activities, and other exciting club activities, which are the efforts of our club mates and the section. The section also often co-organizes concerts, garden parties and other large-scale activities with the Student Association of NPTU. For blooming the students' activities, the section's services include applying for funding subsidies for club activities, assisting with holding winter and summer social service activities, and college students' clubs to promote the development of students' clubs of the elementary and high school.


The section hopes that students can build up the five concepts of positivity, responsibility, care, logic and professional integration in every activity through interaction and learning with our partners. The section also hopes that social service activities can cultivate our students' leadership ability and frustration tolerance, build up good interpersonal interactions, and students be more courageous in the future to express themselves with clear thinking, serious and responsible attitudes, and the spirit of proactive and caring for the society and humanities. In the future, students will be able to express themselves more courageously, with clear thinking, a serious and responsible attitude, and a proactive spirit of caring for society and humanity to stand out in the highly competitive labor market.


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