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International Office

 Office of International Affairs

NPTU OIA is the comprehensive home for international students and scholar’s services, international undergraduate admissions, study abroad planning for faculty and students, and community connections programs.

All services and activities are intended to help enrich the experiences of international students and scholars on campus, and to help expand global engagement for students, faculty and staff.

The department was established on August 1, 2014 and initially focused on creating a number of international education and research exchange partnerships. Today, OIA has educational partners on three divisions and has expanded its focus to include international student services.


International Cooperation Section

1.We help students have the opportunity to take part in an international experience, including a academic semester on exchange or short term overseas internships.

2.We help to increase the participation of faculty in international activity, such as outgoing exchange research programme and international conferences attending.

3.We help students who are eligible to apply for “Pilot Overseas Internships”which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education Taiwan.

4.We help faculty to take part in international research collaboration with partner universities overseas to strengthen professional practice.

5.We help departments to establish collaborative relationship by signing MOU with overseas partner universities.


Cross-Strait Affairs Section

1.We process Mainland Chinese students’ application to study at NPTU for a semester or for a full academic year.

2.We help Mainland Chinese students apply for Exit & Entry Permit under the regulation of National Immigration Agency.

3.We provide Mainland Chinese students the services of picking up at the airport on arrival and as well as the service of seeing them off.

4.We hold orientation programs that help Mainland Chinese students to familiarize themselves with the university goals and learning objectives so that they would settle in new surroundings in NPTU.

5.We have class tutors to provide care and assistance to Mainland Chinese students to get accustomed to campus life in NPTU.


International Student Affairs Section

1.We are responsible for receiving applications from overseas Chinese students and international students and guide departments in admissions procedures.

2.We help overseas Chinese students and international students apply for Exit & Entry Permit under the regulation of National Immigration Agency.

3.We organize the“Assocation of overseas Chinese students” to foster the group feeling and devote part of their time to serving the community as volunteers.

4.We help overseas Chinese students and international students apply for scholarships and financial aid that match them.

5.We help overseas Chinese students and international students apply for part time job permit.


Southeast Asia Development Center

1. The mission of Southeast Asia Development Center includes promoting culture knowledge and understanding of Southeast Asia, international citizenship education and networking with ASEAN nations.

2.Together with renowned partner universities in this region, Taiwanese based overseas enterprises, non-government organizations and the combined resources of industry, government-academy, Southeast Asia  Development Center is expected to become a successful platform of higher education in the era of New Go South.


Chinese Language Center(CLC)

1.Chinese Language Center was established on August 1st, 2005,has taught hundreds of students around the world.

2.Provide all levels of Chinese language programs and Chinese cultural experience for full-time and part-time students.

3.There are four trimesters in a year, the starting month are March, June, September,December,on-site and online courses are available.

4.CLC provide Teaching Chinese as Second Language training programs to those who are interested in becoming a teachjng Chinese as second Language (CSOL)teacher in the future.

5.Cultural courses are indispensable for the students to understand the local,the environment,the nation.


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