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Developmental and Educational Goals

National Pingtung University (NPTU) was founded on August 1, 2014, upon the official merger of National Pingtung University of Education and National Pingtung Institute of Commerce. NPTU is a comprehensive university advocating academic freedom that emphasizes holistic learning and concern. Due to such recent changes in the educational environment as the focus on developing a more global outlook both on campus and in society, the decreasing birth rate, and a shortage of talent, NPTU aims to prepare students by providing them with practical and professional skills, as well as the reasoning and holistic qualities to function competently in a global environment.

In our quest for excellence, NPTU actively pursues global academic and research trends in order to develop and achieve success in various professional fields. NPTU strives to build upon its forerunner schools’ excellent traditions in humanities, art, business, management, science and education by combining industry, academia, research and local resources to form a teaching and research university that is both comprehensive and professional. The mission of NPTU is to persistently strive for innovation and excellence, pursue national and international academic trends, and to combine industry and academia with Taiwan’s natural and social resources in order to develop a university with wide-ranging features that include business, management, information, education, humanities, and arts, to cultivate students with a view of global citizenship suitable for meeting the needs of society. In addition, by combining vocational and technological training with teacher and other higher education, NPTU integrates primary and secondary education, and promotes vocational and technological education along with higher education and to develop multilayered talent.


Diversification and confluence in preparing elite professionals who strive for excellence in their drive toward globalization


Pursue excellence and ensure quality education and equal learning opportunity while enhancing teaching, researching and learning resources in order to equip personnel with social values, build a sustainable and healthy environment, and dedicate ourselves to social progress.

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